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Forest of Radgost is live

Forest of Radgost is a 1-7 player cooperative storytelling adventure game in which you are trying to find two children lost in a forest full of monsters. It is live on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 20 days. You may pledge for the standees or the miniatures edition, or for the Divine edition that includes two more minis, a dice cup and custom dice.

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In Forest of Radgost, you play as either a villager or one of the missing children. Your goal is to find the children/escape the forest and return to the village. Every round is divided in three phases: Morning, Evening, and Night. On each turn, you will roll the dice and move that many spaces on the map, and then either have an encounter with a creature or explore.

When you explore, you draw a card from the exploration deck and see what you have found. When you meet a creature, the result depends on the type of token you came across. If it is a face-down token, you first choose what action you wish to take. Then, you flip the token, replace it with the equivalent mini/standee, and read the associated paragraph in the storybook. If your stats are higher than the creature's you defeat it and move it onto the Time Counter. If not, you leave it at the Crossroads. If the token is face-up, you already know what you are facing and proceed to the fight.

Image source: BGG

The Time Counter is a separate board that measures the time you spend in the forest. After 7 creatures have been placed on the timer, it moves from Morning to Evening. After you place another 3, it moves to Night. During the Night, the creatures move on the map. If a creature runs into another creature, they fight each other and the strongest wins. After 4 more have been placed on the timer, you proceed to the next day. The game lasts for 3 days and if at the end of the 3rd night the villagers have not returned, you lose.

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