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Fly me to Galilean Moons (live on Kickstarter now)

Update: Galilean Moons: A Board Game of Galactic Mining is live on Kickstarter. The campaign will run for four weeks. Unfortunately there will be no smashable robotmeeples included.

Galilean robot smash
Image source: Kickstarter page

Our preview post below was published on 27 October.


Mining other planets for resources seems to be all the rage as far as themes go lately. Here we have another game based on space exploitation: Galilean Moons. It is going to launch on Kickstarter on October 29.

Galilean Moons is a 1-4 player worker placement/area control game set in the four moon planets of Jupiter. You have been sent there to mine the ground for gems, and your goal is to collect more crystals than the rival nations. You will be using a hand of Command cards that allow you to do specific actions: send your robots to mine, invade or rally. You are trying to take control of the sectors of each moon, and mine as much of its crystals as you can. If you gain area majority on each moon, and have collected a variety of gem types, you earn victory points at the end of the game. In the solo mode, your gem digging AI opponent is called Dr. Icarus.

There are PnP files available in the files section of the game's BGG page.

Image source: the game's Facebook page

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