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MYRRK Book One is live (Fighting in a 3D Fantasy)

Update: MYRRK Book One: The Blighted Well is live on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 29 days. You may back MYRRK as an e-book, or get either the paperback or the hardback edition. You may also pay extra to have your likeness illustrated in the book as a pilgrim or a tavern customer (all other options are no longer available).

Our preview post below was published on June 20.


MYRRK Book One: The Blighted Well is the first book in the MYRRK series of Fantasy Gamebooks by Joe McEvoy. It has been designed primarily for solo play but can be adapted to be played multiplayer, or even with miniatures. The Kickstarter launch is scheduled for June 25.

Image source: MYRRK Facebook page

MYRRK features colourful isometric illustrations that provide an illusion of depth. Inspired by old-school fantasy gamebooks, it combines Choose-Your-Own-Adventure gameplay with dice-based roleplaying. On each page, you will be presented with new scenes and choices, and the choices you make will lead you to another page. Combat and item collection are resolved by rolling dice.

Image source: MYRRK Facebook page

You will first create your hero, then send them out to descend into dungeons and sewers, enter caves, abandoned shrines and forests, swim in underground tunnels, and, of course, fight enemies: from orcs, trolls and mages to sewer rats, leeches, and things with tentacles.

Your hero will find items and weapons, and also learn how to cast spells. Along this journey, you will be able to interact with other characters and even add them to the party as companions. You will also have the opportunity to heal damage, rest, make repairs and trade.

Image source: MYRRK Facebook page

During the Kickstarter campaign, MYRRK will be available to order either as a paperback or a hardback copy, or as an e-book.

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