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Crusader Kingdoms: War for the Holy Land is live

Crusader Kingdoms: War for the Holy Land is a 1-4 player card-and-dice wargame set in the Crusades era. It is currently on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 20 days.

The game can be played either competitively, cooperatively or solo. In the solo mode, the player controls the Crusaders against a Muslim AI and uses the designated side of the board. On each turn, you will be playing cards from the Crusaders' deck. The cards may be events, troops or 'response'. When you want to issue an attack, you first choose one of the border areas on the map. Then, after deciding how many of your troops you wish to deploy, you roll the equivalent number of dice. Each 4,5 or 6 is a hit (there are custom dice in the KS). If 3 or more dice are rolled, the Muslim bot plays a response card.

The bot will take turns like a real opponent, revealing the first card from the ones they draw every round. If it is an event, they play it immediately. Their troop cards accumulate and form an 'army'. When an army is formed, they roll a die, and if the result is less than the sum of the army's troop points, they attack the Crusaders.

If you back the campaign, you get an exclusive dice tower for free. Unfortunately, shipping is EU-unfriendly.

One Stop Co-op Shop has filmed a solo playthrough:

Image source: BGG

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