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Fallen Land 2nd edition is live (Fallen Land and its Descendants)

Fallen Land: A Post Apocalyptic Board Game (second edition) and the Fallen Land: Descendants expansion have launched on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 24 days. You may back the Descendants expansion only, or only the core set, or both. The 'all-in' pledge gets you the game, all the expansions, extra dice and a neoprene mat.

Our preview post below was published on November 7, 2020.


Fallen Land: A Post Apocalyptic Board Game is a 2-5 player dice rolling game about factions competing for power in post-apocalyptic North America. It can be played solo through the A Journey Into Darkness expansion. The upcoming Kickstarter on November 10 will be for the Big Box edition that will include everything released for the game so far, plus a new expansion called Fallen Land: Descendants. (Update: launch has been postponed).

Image source: BGG

In the multiplayer mode, each player selects a faction and receives a number of characters, item cards and action cards. To win, they must be the first to gain either 20 prestige points or 80 town health. Each faction moves their party across the map and has random encounters. If the encounter is a fight, the card states how many successes one needs to beat it. The player combines the items and strength of the characters in their party, and if the result is not sufficient, they roll a die hoping to complement any successes they may still be missing.

The A Journey Into Darkness expansion introduces two solo variants: in the first one, you are trying to earn the same prestige points/town health as in the multiplayer mode, and if you succeed, you can try to do so in less turns in your next session. In the second variant, you choose how many factions you want to go up against (up to 4). Once again, you have to earn 20 pp/80 town health. When an opposing faction takes a turn, you draw a card from the AI deck and execute its instructions. During the Town Business phase, you also roll on the Opposing Factions Events Chart and resolve the event depending on the result.

Image source: Fallen Dominion Studios Facebook page

The new Descendants expansion will add a third solo variant, 10 new factions, new Town Events, card dividers, new rules, and counter organizers. The Big Box edition will also include a new map showing Canada and Mexico.

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