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Escape from Hades!

Escape from Hades is a new solitaire sci-fi wargame designed by Fred Manzo, developed by Hermann Luttmann, and published by Hollandspiele Games.

Like Luttmann's own sci-fi folio series, Escape from Hades appears to be inspired by retro sci-fi wargames like Invasion of the Air Eaters (1979), and The Awful Green Things from Outer Space (1979). What you are trying to do in the game is enter a cylindrical prison, and save a princess and some alien elders. You will have to fight your way to achieve this, of course, while also protecting your spaceship from alien attacks.

Because the prison is a cylinder, the game comes with two hex maps that simulate this shape, meaning that if you exit from one side, you continue your move on the opposite side. Please check the video below, to see Tom Russel give an overview of the game, and use the most characteristic prop to represent the prison.

Escape from Hades will be released by Hollandspiele this month.

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Image source: Hollandspiele Facebook page

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