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Maeshowe: An Orkney Saga is live (Dig yourself out)

Update: Maeshowe: An Orkney Saga is live on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 13 days. You may back either just the game or combine it with Lee Broderick's previous game, Dwarf, or also add Dragon Dawn Production's Factory 42.

Our preview post below was published on January 20.


Maeshowe: An Orkney Saga is a 1-2 player card game in which you play as a Viking Earl trapped inside a burial mound. It will launch on Kickstarter on January 21.

Image source: BGG

You start the game with full health and 1 food. On each turn, you draw 5 cards from the main deck, discard one, and play one. Your goal is to play sets of 4 'Excavate passage' cards which will allow you to remove blocks of rubble. Some cards have negative effects when discarded, others give health points or food.

Image source: BGG

The cards in the deck show either a blue or a red rune symbol. If at any time you have 5 cards of the same colour rune in your card, you 'go mad': lose one health, reduce your maximum health, discard your whole hand and reshuffle the discards back into the deck. Devastating as it sounds, sometimes you have to resort to this tactic in order to acquire cards back into the deck. If your health goes down to zero, or the deck runs out before you dig yourself out, you lose.

You can adjust the difficulty by removing fewer or more blocks of rubble, and the game comes with some mini expansions and the option of playing cooperatively with another player.

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