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Dicey and fishy civ building

Dávid Turczi's Dice Settlers will get an expansion this month: Western Sea. The box contains four modules that can be added to the base game separately or together. The rule book warns against trying more than 2 modules for the first few times you play, and no more than 3 for experienced players. We solo players are in luck, as exactly three of the modules can be used in solitaire games.

The most elaborate and complex module is Fish and Ships. It adds the new sea tiles and islands, new actions, free fish if you're in luck (or smart), ports to raid and treasures to collect and spend. Another module adds enclosure cards, a way of scoring points for matching a map pattern. The third adds pretty pink Advisor dice.

Dice Settlers (draft cover)
Image source: publisher's website

All in all a lot of gameplay is added for people who manage to figure out how the solo bot in Dice Settlers works. It may take some time to get your head around it, but then a rewarding civilization dice game opens up.

The game is available for pre-order at the publisher's website, available at Essen Spiel '19, and will be in shops at the end of this month.

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