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Dice Theme Park is live (Dice on the ferris wheel)

Update: Dice Theme Park has launched on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 24 days. You may back the retail or the Deluxe edition of the game, or bundle up the Deluxe edition with Dice Hospital - ER: Emergency Roll. There is also an all-in option that includes Dice Theme Park Deluxe plus everything released for Dice Hospital.


Dice Theme Park is a 1-4 players dice placement game in which you are the owner of a theme park competing with other theme park owners for the best attractions. It is launching on Kickstarter sometime later today, April 26.

Image source: Alley Cat Games website

In Dice Theme Park, the dice represent the theme park visitors, and the hex tiles are the rides in the park. You will be adding attractions and mascots to your park, hiring staff, and trying to fulfill specific goals so as to be the most successful manager in the region. The values of the visitor dice show how much energy the visitors have left before they get exhausted. Once a visitor has enjoyed a ride, their value will drop, but they can continue to visit other rides until their value is reduced to zero.

You start the game by drawing blue, green and yellow dice from a bag and placing them on the monorails on your player board. Blue customers prefer to visit blue attractions, green ones the green etc. Initiative is determined by your choice of staff cards. You will pick two staff face down at the beginning of the round and reveal them simultaneously with the other players to see who goes first. Your staff cards also give you income. Then, you will spend your income to purchase attractions for your theme park, as well as movement tokens in order to move visitors from one ride to another. Money can also be spent to upgrade the attractions and hire employees.

Image source: Alley Cat Games Website

In the next phase, you can move the visitors around the park by using the movement tokens, and change their dice values by using your staff. At the end of the round, you score the current objective and refresh the staff and dice for the next round. The player with the most points at the end, wins. Solo mode rules haven't been revealed yet but the creators said it that the solo game will have a win/loss condition.

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