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Dark Ages is live (Dark Ages for completionists)

Update: Dark Ages is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 5 days only. You can back either the Heritage of Charlemagne box or the Holy Roman Empire box or both.

Our preview post below was published on March 11.


Board & Dice is launching two versions of the 1-4 player area control and civilization game Dark Ages on Kickstarter, on March 16. The first one is called Dark Ages: Heritage of Charlemagne, and takes place in France and parts of England and Spain. The second one is called Dark Ages: Holy Roman Empire, and takes place in Germany and parts of Central Europe. The two games can be combined to support up to 8 players. The solo mode has been designed by David Turczi.

Image source: Dark Ages group Facebook page

Gameplay mainly revolves around action selection. On each turn, you will be performing one of the available actions by placing your disc on the corresponding spot. These actions are: build a city/church/farm/special building, recruit a unit, take a culture card into your hand, research technology, battle Barbarians or your opponents. After actions have been performed, if the action spot has 3 discs stacked on it, the bottom one slides out, and the player whose disc it is can perform an extra action. The solo game is played against an AI, but details have not been revealed yet.

Image source: Dark Ages group Facebook page

You may check the Kickstarter preview.

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