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Cyclopedia of the World of Glatheriel is live (Cyclopedia of Hidden Territories)

Update: The Hidden Territories: Every Hero Needs a Quest guidebook has launched on Kickstarter (earlier than planned), and the campaign will run for 29 days. The base pledge gets you the book and a lapel pin, the Myrmidon pledge includes the book, the pin and a cloth map, and the higher tiers add a Player's Guide, and the possibility to have your signature in the game and even your own hex.

Our preview post below was published on April 30.


Hidden Territories: Every Hero Needs a Quest is an upcoming 1-4 player cooperative high fantasy adventure board game with a hexcrawl map. The game is planned to launch sometime in the last quarter of 2020 but Tom Termini, the designer, is currently bringing to Kickstarter the sourcebook that provides the game's context: an introduction to the world of Glatheriel. The campaign will go live this Sunday, May 3.

Image source: Hidden Territories Facebook page

Hidden Territories aims to provide an immersive gaming experience, and the Cyclopedia will help players get accustomed with the setting. In more than 200 pages, the book will familiarize the reader with the characters, the history of Glatheriel, the humans, elves, orcs and goblins that inhabit it, its flora and fauna, its geography, culture, religion and political intrigues. The designer has been working on the material since the 1970s, and wishes it to be a DnD-style guide to the board game. The book will also contain illustrations and maps to breathe even more life into these hidden territories that await to be explored.

Image source: Hidden Territories website

Here is a detailed list of the Cyclopedia content:


- The Campaign - Why Visit Glatheriel?

- About the World

- Crossroads of the Multiverse

- Magic, Spells, and Mana

- The Various Planes

- Sandbox – Explore the Map

- Wilderness Survival

- The Player Characters

- What's in Your Backpack?

- Strongholds and Followers

- Meta-Gaming, Rules Lawyering Don’t Just be a Murder Hobo

Chapter 1 · Every Hero Needs a Quest - Politics - Of Further Interest

Chapter 2 · Capsule History - History of Glatheriel - Ancient History - The Second Age - The Great Awakening - Nexus Wars - The Present Age - Timeline

Chapter 3 · Natural History - Climate - The Calendar - Celestial Events - Notable Fauna and Flora - Animals - Plants - Planes of Existence - The Fey - Plane of Shadow - The Astral Plane - Hell

Chapter 4 · Ethnography - Humans - Distribution of the Humani - Other Humani - Elves - Distribution of Elves - Dwarves - Halflings - Hybrids - Goblinoids - More of the Elder Kind - Other Sentients - Who Speaks What Languages

Chapter 5 · Geographic Gazetteer - Neighboring Lands - Distant Lands - The Empire - The Holy Country

Chapter 6 · Points of Interest - The Capital City - Cities, Towns and Villages - Other Habitations - Portals, Gates, and Nexus Points - Castles and Keeps - Geographic Features of Westri - World Wonders - Getting to the Fey World - Even More Strange Places - The Underworlds of Glatheriel - Random Other Places around the Multiverse

Chapter 7 · Common Knowledge - Current Events - Government - Cultural Artifacts - Travel and Exploration - Everyday Items

Chapter 8 · Other Details - Social Hierarchy - Trade Guilds, Houses, Temples and Factions - Currency and Trade Chapter 9 · Rumors, Lore, and Legends - Rumors - Lore and Legends

Chapter 10 · Uncommon Knowledge - Mana vs Aura - Portals - Some Known Nexus Points - Oddities and Weird Substances - Law vs Chaos - Dragons of Glatheriel - The Event - The Afterlife - Death, Resurrection, and Reincarnation

Annex 1 · Guilds, Societies, and Causes - Even More Organizations - Military Organizations

Annex 2 · Religions and Pantheons - Religions, Cults, and Sects - Gods, Demigods, Celestial and Infernal Beings

Annex 3 · Languages

Annex 4 · Notable Personages

Annex 5 · Library of Limogés University

Annex 6 · Economics - Multiversal Trading Company Prices - Gems and Jewelry - Markets and Fairs - Trade Within Westri - Global Commerce

Annex 7 · Inns, Taverns, and Roadhouses

Annex 8 · Strange and Unusual Items

Annex 9 · Character Customization - Social Status - Occupations - Character Classes

Annex 10 · Multiversal Trading Company Catalog

Legal Stuff

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