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Crimson Company: Wildwood Tales is live

The new Wildwood Tales expansion for Crimson Company, a 1-4 players card game, has been live on Kickstarter since last Tuesday (February 23), with still 35 days to go. This expansion adds 20 unique cards to the game.

Image source: BGG

Crimson Company is primarily a head-to-head 2 players game in which players are playing a tug-of-war over three castle locations. These castles are placed at the centre of the table, and purchased cards are placed below them to form lanes. Castles are claimed whenever a player has four cards or more on their side of the lane at the end of a turn; in that case, the player with the highest combined strength gets the castle. The first player to conquer two castles wins the game.

In the solo mode, you play against the Raiders, an automated opponent. During your turn, you first draw three cards, play one on your side of either of the three lanes and then play two in one of the lanes in which the Raiders have the least cards in play. Whenever you or the Raiders have four cards or more on your side of a lane at the end of the turn, that lane is scored: whoever has the greatest combined strength from all cards on their side, wins the castle.

Image source: BGG

Additionally, the coins that are used to bid on cards in the multiplayer mode, now play a new role. Once per game, you can pay coins equal to the strength of one of the two cards handed to the Raiders to remove it from the game. Coins are played on a castle, and they increase the strength of the Raiders' side by a corresponding amount when scoring that lane. All effects that have you earn or lose coins are translated by removing/putting coins on the castle cards.

Although the solo rules have been introduced in the Deluxe Edition of the game, they are available online and compatible with the original game.

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