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Create paths for elves and gnomes

Fairy Trails is a 1-2 player tile-laying game by Uwe Rosenberg in which you are building path networks in an enchanted forest. Retail release in North America is planned for next week. The French edition of the game is already available in France and Canada.

Image source: BGG

Fairy Trails is primarily a 2-player game in which one player plays as the elves and the other as the gnomes. The goal is to mark all your houses on the map before your opponent. You achieve this by placing a tile (they are in fact cards, not cardboard tiles) each turn. Connected tiles form paths. Once a path is closed, you put a stone of your colour over any houses that are adjacent to that path. The game ends when a player places all of their stones on the grid.

Image source: BGG

In the solo mode, you will be playing as both the elves and the gnomes. Your goal is to place all the stones of both colours on the forest houses. On each turn, you will draw a tile from the stack and place it on the table. If you complete a path, you put down the associated stones, and if not, you continue with the next tile. If you fail to place a stone on the third time you place a tile, you lose the game. If you win, your score is the number of tiles left in the stack.

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