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Cowboys II is live

The 1-10 player Old West adventure game Cowboys II - Cowboys and Indians is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 14 days. Unfortunately Worthington Publishing doesn't offer EU-friendly shipping.

Image source: Kickstarter page

In the game, you play as 'cowboys': lawmen, gunfighters, gamblers and other familiar characters from Old West movies. Each character has a weapon, different skills, and a hand of cards that allow them more actions or modify their dice rolls. You will be playing through scenarios that have you escaping jail, robbing a bank, bounty hunting, and dueling. And of course, fighting the Indians. The creators acknowledge the political incorrectness of the term but say that the setting justifies it.

Image source: BGG

The game operates via a chit pulling system. On each turn, you will be drawing a chit to see which character performs actions. When a town folk or Indian chit is drawn, all characters of this type are activated. When a cowboy chit is drawn, they receive four action points which they can spend to move, mount/dismount a horse, draw a weapon or shoot. In the solo game, you choose the side you want to play (the draft rules don't specify if you can also play as the Indians) and follow the AI chart to determine what the opposing side does.

Image source: BGG

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