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Commuters of the future

Maglev Metro is a 1-4 player pick-up-and-deliver game in which you build futuristic train stations and move commuters in Manhattan or Berlin. Its official release date for US stores is February 24, and a European release will follow.

Image source: BGG

You start the game with your own train miniature, 18 translucent tiles, and 3 robot meeples. Depending on the level of difficulty you wish to play, you either select the Manhattan (standard), or the Berlin (advanced) side of the board and follow the setup instructions.

On each turn, you can take as many actions as the number of meeples on your player board allows you. The middle column of the player board shows available actions such as: Track, Move, Pick Up, or Drop Off. The first unit is already marked, so you can take the action at least once. If you wish to move twice, for example, you can place a robot meeple on the Move action spot and then do so.

Image source: BGG

When you build a station that matches the colour of a regular type of passengers (professionals, salespeople, diplomats or artisans), you put the associated meeples in a bag and draw them when you take the Refill Station action. In subsequent rounds, if you wish to take a different action than before, you have the option of shifting the position of your meeples to fill new action slots.

The solo mode follows the same rules as the multiplayer game but at the beginning of each round you subtract one passenger from the bag. When the bag is empty, the game ends and you proceed to scoring according to the table given in the rulebook.

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