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Combat! gets a campaign (and more)

Solitaire wargame Combat! is getting expanded with new scenarios, enemy types, weapons and vehicles, as well as a campaign consisting of 6 chapters. Combat! 2: From D-Day to V-E Day Campaign Expansion is now available for pre-order from Compass Games' website, with tentative delivery in October.

Image source: Compass Games website

In the Combat! base game, you are taking control of an Allied squad and leading them through various missions. You first place the enemy forces designated by the scenario on the map face-down, then select and place your own soldiers. Enemies may be 'alert' or 'waiting', 'prepared' or 'unprepared', meaning that they will activate when an order is given or not, and at a fast or slower pace. Gameplay is mostly card-driven. Cards are of the 'Order' or 'Discard' type, and have initiative values.

At the beginning of the turn, you have to play a card for its initiative. If it is an Order card, you execute its instructions. If it is a 'Discard' card, you have to discard it. Enemies have their own deck of cards that define what they do each turn. When you give orders, you have to place Order markers on the soldiers, then have them perform the orders given to them.

Image source: BGG

The campaign that comes with the expansion will allow you to fight in different fronts, and its chapters are titled: 'Normandy', 'Pursuit', 'Hurtgen Forest', 'The Bulge', 'The Siegfried Line' and 'Germany'.

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