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CF Newsflash: Portal Games supports Ukraine

In an update for the crowdfunding campaign for 51st State: Ultimate Edition, Portal Games today pledged their support for the people in need in the Ukraine.

They will transfer some of their funds to the Proliska Humanitarian Mission - a Ukraine-based charity that assists people affected by war by providing clothes, food, medicines; supporting civilians who lost their homes; and helping orphanages and hospitals.

  • 100% of their profit of 500 copies of Mysterium (a Portal game by Ukrainian designers) will be donated to the NGO Proliska.

  • In the current crowdfunding campaign there's a new add-on to support the NGO Proliska yourself. You'll get access to a 2 hour long YouTube stream with Ignacy Trzewiczek and Joanna Kijanka about 51st State.

  • A new pledge level was added for a signed copy of the 51st State Ultimate Edition, with all pledged money going to the NGO Proliska. All 51 copies were sold out fast.

You can read the update in full on Gamefound.


Personal opinion: These are dark times for Europe. No government is willing to anger Putin too much. Russia can survive the economic sanctions that are announced so far for at least two years, and I guess that after shedding some tears they'll also survive not participating in the next Eurovision Song Contest.

Ukraine as a free democracy looks basically lost. The only thing small people like me can do now is support humanitarian organizations. Not necessarily by pledging for 51st State and taking the add-on (though if I decide to back this campaign, I most certainly will). There's also the Red Cross, we've got local organizations that will shelter refugees, and many more.

Then, I'll be watching the news. Watching people dying. Watching Europe falling apart.

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