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Kradia: Wild Hunt Festival is live (Boss hunting festival)

Update: Kradia: Wild Hunt Festival is live on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 15 days. You may either back a copy of the game or get the Warrior pledge that comes with custom dice, a dice tray, plastic character boards and a soundtrack.

Our preview post below was published on June 17.


Kradia: Wild Hunt Festival is a 1-4 player cooperative fantasy adventure game in which a team of anime warriors hunts down and fights demons. It will launch on Kickstarter on June 23.

Image source: LionWing Publishing website

In Kradia, you always play with a group of four adventurers, so in a solo game you have to control all four. You can play either in Story Mode or Challenge Mode. Story Mode comes with a Quest booklet that provides a storyline and lets you progress the adventure from difficulty level 1 to level 4. Both characters and bosses get stronger and stronger as you go up the levels. Challenge Mode offers a quicker way to play the game: your characters immediately start at level 4 and face a super hard boss.

In both cases, gameplay is the same. You first set up the Battlefield board: this is a diagram of symbols that you have to follow at the start of each battle round. A symbol card is drawn, and makes you either gain a bonus or suffer a negative consequence during the fight. Then, the boss battle begins. You activate the heroes one by one, choosing to either make a Basic Attack or a Charge Attack.

The Basic Attack deals one point of damage to the boss and gives the hero extra mana. (Mana can be spent to activate a hero ability). The Charge Attack effect depends on the result of a die roll. If, for example, you roll a 1, you apply the result written in number 1 on the Charge Attack track, whereas if you roll a 5, you get to choose if you want to apply the result number 5, or any previous odd number result (1 or 3) on the Charge Attack track.

Image source: LionWing Publishing website

After all heroes end their turn, the boss counter-attacks. The number of dice the boss rolls depends on the amount of damage the heroes have dealt it. For example, if the Apostle of Disaster is on 24 health, it will roll 3 dice. At the end of its turn, the boss rage increases, and if it goes up to the maximum, an extra nasty effect takes place.

Before moving on to the next level, heroes get to recover and draw a helpful item. If you wish to make the game a little easier, you can also draw a Retainer card and summon an ally. If you manage to defeat all 4 bosses in Story mode, or the boss in Challenge mode, you win the game.

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