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Masters of the Night is live (Blood Moon Night)

Masters of the Night has launched on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 22 days. You have two options in pledge rewards: either back the game with standard components or pay a bit more and get it with upgraded components (glass cabochons, pearl dice, metal first player marker).

Image source: Masters of the Night Facebook page

Our preview post below was published on January 12.


Masters of the Night is a cooperative game for 1-5 vampires, planned to launch on Kickstarter on January 14.

The game can be played solo by controlling two characters. Every round has a day and a night phase. During the day, the vampires have to resolve district effects and the effects of an event card. This often means placing or moving agents of the Inquisition in any district of the city the vampires are trying to take control of. If a vampire sits on the same district as three agents, they have to fight, but because it is daytime, the vampire is weak and vulnerable.

At night, each vampire takes action by spending action points. They may either move, expose hidden agents, fight them, recruit minions, hunt, or eventually initiate the Blood Moon Ritual that may win them the game. For the Blood Moon Ritual to take place, each vampire must have sealed a district with their dread sigil, and arrange to meet the other vampires and minions on the same space to begin the ceremony. Should this happen, the vampires are victorious: the city becomes a big Bloody Mary cocktail bar.

The game is lost if the veil time tracker reaches zero, which means that the agents managed to expose and eliminate the vampires, or if the event card deck is empty: again, the agents have gained the upper hand. Combat is based on the results of the dice you have stored in your reserve (you begin the game by rolling two dice, and keeping them for this reason). When the reserve is exhausted, you roll the dice and create a new reserve.

Rolling Solo has filmed a preview:

Image source: Masters of the Night Facebook page

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