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Bandada is live (Birds in the hand)

Update: Bandada has launched on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 29 days. You may pledge either for the PnP or a printed copy, but the printed edition only ships to the US. You can also order it signed by the designer.

Our preview post below was published on February 5.


Bandada is a 1-2 player card drafting and dice manipulation game in which you are trying to photograph various birds species with their favourite type of food. It will launch on Kickstarter on February 9.

Image source: BGG

Bandada was initially called Flock and had taken part in the 2020 9-card PnP contest on BGG. The published version comes with 18 cards and two different solo modes: a solo adventure mode and one against an AI. In the solo adventure mode, you first choose a scenario to play. Each scenario takes you to a different region where you travel to photograph the birds, and has a different scoring goal.

You start with 12 dice (four in three different colours) and roll them. Then, you shuffle the 18 cards, reveal 3 and select one to keep. You perform the action mentioned on top of the chosen card, and score according to the instructions at the bottom. For example, a card may say "Re-roll two green dice" and let you score 1 point per black die under the value of 4. You continue in this manner until you reach the objective or lose.

Image source: BGG

When you play against the AI, you roll the 12 dice and reveal two cards from the deck. You draft one card for yourself and give the other to the AI. Every card has a point value at the bottom left corner that determines how many points the AI will score at the end of the game. If you manage to score more points than the AI, you win.

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