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Sniper: Legends of Italy is live (Become a sniping legend)

Update no2: The campaign has been cancelled on its third day due to limited number of backers. It will be relaunched sometime in the future.


Update: Sniper: Legends of Italy has launched on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 29 days. You may choose to have your name credited in the rulebook for an extra small sum. It is noted in the pledge levels that the game will not go to retail.

Image source: Exocrate Games Facebook page

Our preview post below was published on November 2.


Sniper: Legends of Italy is a 1-3 player action adventure game planned to launch on Kickstarter on November 5.

You play as a team of American sniper soldiers trying to complete specific objectives in a German military base in WWII Italy. These range from destroying enemy artillery, gathering information, locating a truck full of equipment, and killing Nazis or Mussolini along the way. The game comes with 4 missions that last around 90 minutes each. You can equip your soldiers with different rifle types and gear cards, and actions are powered by dice rolls. The crux of the game is to figure out the optimal way to reach your targets.

If you back Sniper in the first 48 hours, you get an exclusive Springfield rifle token. This is all the intel our reconnaissance team has managed to gather for now.

Image source: Exocrate Games Facebook page

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