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Kanban EV is live (Automotive EVolution)

Update: Kanban EV has launched on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 15 days. You may get just the base game or add a pack of metal cars. In either option, you can pay a bit more and get a signed sticker by Lacerda. And if you are based in the US and are in extra hurry, arrangements can be made for you to receive the game before most other people, at an extra cost of course. The solo mode has been designed by David Turczi.

Our preview post below was published on February 3.


Vital Lacerda, Ian O'Toole and Eagle-Gryphon Games return to Kickstarter on February 6 for the launch of Kanban EV: a 1-4 player game about working in an electric vehicle factory.

Kanban EV is a slightly reworked version of Kanban: Driver's Edition (2014). A solo mode has been added, as well as a small expansion and the modified 'nice Sandra' variant. Sandra is the factory manager who will be supervising your progress as new employee. Depending on the difficulty level you wish to play on, she will be making your life easier or getting on your nerves.

Image source: BGG

On each turn (start of a day), you will be selecting the department you will be working in, and in the working phase, you will be completing your shift. At the end of the day, your worker meeple will need to rest (and apparently sleep inside the factory). If you receive sufficient training in a department, you become certified and get benefits. And if you keep working in your spare time at home, you become an expert and earn a Seat. Each department has its own demands and scoring conditions. At the end of the game, the most efficient, high performing worker wins the game.

Solo rules are expected to be revealed during the campaign, and you will have the option to add metal car meeples to your pledge.

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