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AudioVisualGhost makes a flash appearance

AVGhost: Paranormal Investigation is a 1-4 player cooperative game in which you are trying to solve mysteries in haunted houses. It is meant to be played in the dark with the use of LED lights on the bases of the investigator miniatures. The game is also app-assisted, but you may just consult the investigation booklet, if you prefer.

The current Kickstarter campaign is not to fund the game itself (it is supposed to be an already funded project), but to collect money to add a few extra components: a vampire miniature, a new case called 'Regression in the dark' (where you meet said vampire), foam trays for the storage of the minis, and a music track for the expansion case called 'Grace'.

For the next 8 days, you will have the chance to back the campaign and order either just the base game or the all-in bundle that includes an expansion and extra miniatures. Quantities are limited.

Image source: BGG

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