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April fool's gold

An April fool's joke made by Fantasy Flight Games this year turned out to be a product worth publishing: Barkham Horror: The Card Game-The Meddling of Meowlathotep: Scenario Pack is now available for preorder.

On April 1st, FFG had joked about releasing 'The Dogwich Legacy', a supposed new cycle for 'Barkham Horror' with matching anthropomorphic animal artwork and pet-inspired puns. The company now says that fans of Arkham Horror LCG found the idea ingenious, and demanded that Barkham become a real thing.

The scenario pack is a standalone adventure, meaning that you can't play the rest of the cycles with dogs and cats nor can you use the human investigators instead of the animal ones. You can, however, build your deck with cards from your regular investigator deck to make it more effective. In Barkham Horror you play as a dog investigator trying to stop Meowlathotep and his feline minions from plunging the city of Barkham into chaos.

FFG has obviously struck gold here, so if you enjoy an abundance of dog and cat puns, go sink your teeth into it.

Image source: BGG

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