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Angel Fury is live

Angel Fury is a 1-4 players skirmish game with miniatures, in which Angels and Demons engage in an epic battle over a human soul. The Kickstarter campaign will run for another 15 days. You may pledge for a copy of the game (also available in 4 other languages besides English).

Image source: BGG

In the solo mode, you are playing as the Angels against the Demons on a reduced 5x5 squares board. The goal is to be the first to obtain 7 Soul Points. Before playing, you must first choose your Archangel, who is a special unit that will lead your armies into battle.

In each round, the Demons first move forward in each column of the board, only deviating to strengthen their position over three strategic spots of the board: the Demons’ altar, the Angels’ altar, and the human soul. They always attack the Angels they encounter and never retreat. Then, the Demons’ army is reinforced from their edge of the board by drawing 5 Reinforcement cards that show which forces are added.

The Angels' turn consists of the Action phase and the Resource phase. In the Action phase, you can perform any actions in any order and as many times as you wish, provided you can do so. You can, for instance, deploy units onto spawn points (your altar and the “seraph” units). Deploying units is free, but you may alternatively decide to spend your reinforcements as resources rather than putting them on the board. However, if Demons occupy your altar spot, you cannot deploy there until they are eliminated!

You can also buy new cards and play them. Cards have special effects that you can use to get an edge in the battle: for instance, it may allow troops to move two squares instead of one, or make archers attack diagonally. You may also upgrade either your number of command markers (see below) or your hand size.

Image source: Kickstarter campaign

You can also command your troops. You have a limited number of command markers (akin to action points), starting with 3, but you can buy up to 6 new ones during the game. You use these command markers during your turn to move a troop (each troop moves only once). A troop is a group of units that occupies a given square. Each square has a limited capacity (9), and different units have different sizes with respect to this capacity (e.g. your archangel has a size of 6, basic soldiers have a size of 1). If your troop moves into a square occupied by enemies, then a battle begins, resolved by rolling dice (as many as the total size of your troop), and playing cards to modify the results. You then remove one unit (irrespective of size) for each damage received, with the exception of your archangel that has an HP track.

Then comes the Resource phase. In the Resource phase, you gain 1 Soul Point if you occupy the Human Soul square of the board, and 1 Soul Point if you occupy the enemy altar. If you occupy resource areas on the board, you also gain crystals that can be used to purchase cards and upgrades, or, depending on the type of resource, reinforcements that you may deploy or use as resources. You also draw cards to refill your hand to 4 (or more, if you upgraded your handsize). If you get 7 points by then, you win the game.

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