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Tiny Epic Pirates is live (Ahoy, Tiny Epic mateys)

Tiny Epic Pirates has launched on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 21 days. Besides the Print 'n' Play, the pledge options are: 1) the retail edition of the game, 2) the Deluxe edition with Kickstarter exclusive components, 3) the all-in that includes the Curse of Amdiak expansion, and 4) the Honorary Producer tier that gets you an advance copy of the Deluxe edition and the expansion, and a certificate signed by the creators.

In the solo mode, you are playing against a pirate Captain AI opponent.

Our preview post below was published on May 18.


Tiny Epic Pirates is a 1-4 player dice rolling and pick-up-and-deliver game of pirates rivaling for treasure. It is part of the popular Tiny Epic series by Gamelyn Games, and it will launch on Kicstarter on May 19.

Image source: Never Bored Gaming Facebook page

Tiny Epic Pirates employs a rondel mechanism for the actions you will be performing each turn. You will place your Captain pawn on the wheel, to select one out of five available actions: Plunder, Crew Up, Trade, Search or Attack. Plunder means you collect loot from settlements. With Crew Up, you recruit a new member for your ship. Trade allows you to sell goods in the Black Market. You may Search for treasures or random finds, and Attack merchant ships or other pirates to increase your notoriety and steal their gold. During the action phase, you can also move your pirate ship on the map.

Image source: Never Bored Gaming Facebook page

There are specific spots on the map suitable for burying treasure. Once you amass a certain amount of riches, you can bury them. The game ends when a pirate first buries three treasures. Solo rules have not been revealed yet.

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