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Tanares Adventures is live (Adventures outside the Arena)

Arena: the Contest - Tanares Adventures, and the Arena: the Contest reprint have launched on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 23 days. If you pledge on day one, you get one extra hero (mini plus cards) for free. You have the option to get just the original game, or just the expansion, or to bundle up the expansion with the dragons expansion/core game plus expansions/ all-in with the dragons painted.

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Our preview post below was published on February 2.


Arena: the Contest is a 1-8 player cooperative campaign game that funded successfully on Kickstarter last year. Now it's coming back with a big expansion plus an add-on of impressive dragon miniatures.

Tanares Adventures is a new cooperative campaign that expands the Arena universe, offers more than 100 hours of gameplay, and tons of minis. It is played in a semi-open world style, meaning that you decide where on the map you want to go next. From then on, you read the storyline, assign tasks to NPCs, and embark on quests.

During said quests, you will be facing enemies, random events and encounters. In the City phase, you will be able to rest, purchase items, and pursue smaller adventures. Presumably, combat will be conducted in the same way as in the base game: you will be rolling a D20, and employing your characters' stats and special attack powers.

Image source: Kickstarter preview

During this campaign, you will also have the chance to acquire the Dragon Collection: an expansion that adds dragon-related scenarios to the campaign and five dragon mega-minis.

Image source: Arena: the Contest Facebook page

You may check the Kickstarter preview before the game launches on February 4.

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