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Adventures and Fairs in Everdell - two expansions are live

Anthropomorphic animals tend to attract attention, and Everdell's finely executed illustrations and impractical cardboard tree have captured the hearts of many a gamer. Two new expansions have now been launched on Kickstarter, Everdell: Spirecrest, and Everdell: Bellfaire. The campaign will run for 16 days.

In Spirecrest, adventurous souls travel beyond Everdell to explore new lands, meet other creatures, and face weather conditions along the way. In gameplay terms, this translates as added features: new workers, new discovery cards, and new weather cards.

In Bellfaire, the king is organizing a big fiesta. The game can now accommodate up to 6 players, and also adds new Fair and Market boards, special events, and Garland awards.

In the base game, the solo variant pits you against a bot named Rugwort who mainly blocks the spaces you want to put workers on, and steals victory point cards. How this works in the expansions remains to be seen.

Image source: BGG

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So expensive it is impossible to get the deluxe editions, what a shame :(

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