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A very local truth for now (A Universal Truth is live)

A Universal Truth is a strategic game of courtship set in the Regency era. The Kickstarter campaign will run until 17 October.

A completed tableau, as seen on the Kickstarter page

It features over 200 pieces of period paintings that add flavour. And therein lies a problem. It will not be available over here in Europe, because of copyright laws. As the campaign FAQ explains:

"US copyright law recognizes these Regency era portraits as public domain and any so-called "slavish" reproductions are also public domain. However, copyright laws throughout Europe, for example, allow for photographic reproductions of public domain works to have their own copyright. The cost of licensing these works from those exerting copyright is unfortunately prohibitive for a project of this size."

One day in the future there may be an international version with original art. Until then, a game in a very British setting, with European artwork, will only be available for the lawless revolutionaries. The Prince Regent would not be amused.

(P.S. if you're American, please read our previous report as it may actually be a fun game.)

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