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A Treasure Chest full of Robinson goodies

Treasure Chest is an expansion for the 1-4 player cooperative adventure game Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island. It contains all the promos, scenarios, cards, tokens and characters released for the base game so far. The Chest is now available to order from the Portal Games online store in Europe, and available to pre-order for the US. In the latter case, you will receive a set of resin markers with your pre-order for free.

Image source: BGG

More specifically, the Treasure Chest contains:

- 5 Scenarios (Tracing Dr. Livingstone, Poachers, Treasure Island, Time Travel, Adventure in Neverland)

- The Sailor and the Gamer characters (with pawns and stickers)

- The Volcano map tile

- Crewmen assisting characters

- Traits and Secret Traits cards for characters

- The Hunting Dog helper

- Searching the Beach cards (for taking the Gathering action on the Beach tile)

- Extra Beasts cards and Hunting Adventure cards

- Extra Event cards and Mystery cards

- Blank templates to create your own cards

- Extra Discovery Tokens

- Custom wooden Food Tokens

- Glass Invention cards

- Herb Garden and Pen tiles (for growing herbs and breeding parrots)

- Shelter upgrade tiles

- Spyglass (you can break it in half to get 5 Determination tokens if you are in need)

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