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Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile is live (A game of consequences)

Update: Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 20 days. There is only one pledge tier that gets you the game plus metal coins and a session journal. With regard to the solo mode, the FAQ says more information will be revealed in the following days.

Image source: BGG

Our preview post below was published on January 10.


Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile is a 1-6 player area and political control game by Cole Wehrle. It is planned to launch on Kickstarter on January 14.

Wehrle's design expertise lies in geopolitical strategy, be it in historical or fantasy settings. What he chose to emphasize in Oath is the consequences of the decisions the players make in the course of a campaign. Each character in the game is either a supporter of the ruling class or an aspiring usurper of power. If the existing order is toppled at the end of a session because one of the players managed to build a great army and take the throne, the next session will begin with the kingdom in ruin and the establishment of a new imperium.

Gameplay is based on multi-use cards that players will be drafting on their turn. Each card has an effect and a suit based on the cultural particularities of each different faction. Victory is achieved when a player fulfills the oath they have given their people: for example, they may have sworn an oath of supremacy which asks you to 'control the most areas' (empire) or an oath of protection: 'hold the royal blessing' (dynasty). The oath you have chosen will essentially define the strategy you will be following.

All we know about the solo mode so far is that the player will be opposing a bot (the bot is also used in the 2 player game). The designer has hinted at the possibility of adding a 2 player cooperative variant as well, but it's too soon to know for certain. He is regularly posting diaries on BGG so perhaps we will see details before the game launches.

Image source: BGG

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