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A case of nostalgia (Detective: Smoke and Mirrors is live)

You read Raymond Chandler. You played L.A. Noire. You long for a time that was already gone before you were born. Detective: City of Angels lets you dive right into your favourite setting and try to solve murder cases. It's back on Kickstarter for 22 days, with a new expansion that adds three more cases (and hopefully a fourth tomorrow). Chances of finding it in retail later are near neglectable.

Detective: Smoke and Mirrors (box cover)
Image source: BGG page

The cases in Smoke and Mirrors promise to be the hardest ones you've encountered so far. Or - if you're new to the game - that you'll encounter after you've had at least nine other ones under your belt. If the illustrations by Vincent Dutrait won't get you fully immersed, there's also (optional) narrated case briefing to set the mood.

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