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Zombies killed the Friday star

On my table: After the virus

God, what an ugly-looking game. I am referring to the heroes, of course, no one complains if a zombie is portrayed in an unflattering light. But these post-apocalyptic chibis with the sliced heads are truly awful. And yet, it doesn't bother me. The game is so good and so addictive, that I have come to terms with its appearance. At least it's unique.

I read somewhere that After the virus is a Friday killer. I admit I haven't played Friday in ages, but still consider it a very good solo game. But yes, if I put them side by side, since they are both deck builders, After the virus is winner, winner, brains dinner. Like Friday, it is a real challenge to beat, and after mission 2A, the difficulty ramps up. I played mission 2B an embarrassing number of times before I finally managed to hit the goal.

Some luck of the draw plays a part, but it doesn't hinder the enjoyment. Losing a lot is not so much of a problem, because setting up and having another go can be done immediately. I think it will enter my top 10 for this year, and I have it currently in my small games rotation together with The Lost Expedition and Space Hulk: Death Angel. I'm still keeping Friday, but right now ugly zombie game has stolen my heart.

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