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Zombies killed the Friday star

On my table: After the virus

God, what an ugly-looking game. I am referring to the heroes, of course, no one complains if a zombie is portrayed in an unflattering light. But these post-apocalyptic chibis with the sliced heads are truly awful. And yet, it doesn't bother me. The game is so good and so addictive, that I have come to terms with its appearance. At least it's unique.

I read somewhere that After the virus is a Friday killer. I admit I haven't played Friday in ages, but still consider it a very good solo game. But yes, if I put them side by side, since they are both deck builders, After the virus is winner, winner, brains dinner. Like Friday, it is a real challenge to beat, and after mission 2A, the difficulty ramps up. I played mission 2B an embarrassing number of times before I finally managed to hit the goal.

Some luck of the draw plays a part, but it doesn't hinder the enjoyment. Losing a lot is not so much of a problem, because setting up and having another go can be done immediately. I think it will enter my top 10 for this year, and I have it currently in my small games rotation together with The Lost Expedition and Space Hulk: Death Angel. I'm still keeping Friday, but right now ugly zombie game has stolen my heart.

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Sep 13, 2019

When you get past 2B, the following two short missions are easier. Now I'm at 3B, and lost miserably once again. I think that if you get the good weapons early on, the chance of success rises significantly.


The game's artwork is actually what attracted me to it. The gameplay is what's kept me playing. Funny, I'm stuck on mission 2B right now and don't want to think about the number of times I've failed it. I do enjoy the challenge.

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