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Zombies among US

World War Zed: USA is a solitaire wargame in which you, as the leader of the United States, are trying to deal with a zombie outbreak. It has been designed by David Kershaw and it is now available through the White Dog Games website.

WWZ: USA comes with 11 scenarios, and the option of different historical settings. The board (paper map) shows the country divided into 20 regions. Your task will be to manage population, farms, and refugees, while at the same preparing your military and scientific forces. On each round, there will be a Random Event phase, followed by the Zeds phase in which the zombies spawn, move and attack. Then, depending on your Production Points, you will be able to respond with counter attacks, research, and even nuclear strikes.

The scenarios have popular culture references (zombie movies), and the various historical setups give you the chance to face zombies e.g. in the 18th century or in 1945.

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Image source: BGG

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