Zerbique's Top 20 Solo Games 2021 - part 2

Yesterday we published numbers 20 - 11, so let's continue where we left off. Today it's time for the final countdown of Zerbique's Top 20 Solo Games 2021.

10. Tajemnicze podziemia

Ok, that this game made it to a Top 20 solo games list is surprising even to me. Tajemnicze podziemia is a very, very basic game, and it's actually an implementation of an app.

You randomly draw a dungeon tile, place it in your dungeon grid, and keep doing this until the dungeon is filled. Then there are two paths starting from the entrance and you check how many treasures you find following these paths, minus two times the monsters you encounter, and get your score. That's it!

Although it's minimalistic, I do consistently have fun with it and it's my go-to game when I work until late (like 2-3 am) and want something fast and really undemanding to clean my mind a bit before going to sleep.

👍 Set-up in 10 seconds.

👍 Play in 5 minutes.

👍 Surprisingly good variability.

👍 So simple, and yet always fun.

👍 The theme gets through somehow.

👎 It's what it is - an app implementation with 20 tiles and a board.

👎 Box is too big.

👎 A bit costly.

👎 Difficult to find (it's a Polish game).

👎 I don't like the box cover art.

9. Cascadia


👍 Nice theme, beautiful components, top-notch production value.

👍 The spatial patterning puzzle is very good and interesting.

👍 You can really try different strategies.

👍 I think it's much better than Calico and Verdant.

👍 I like the mitigation granted by Nature tokens.

👎 I'm a bit burned out on this one.

👎 I have reached scoring saturation and I don't know how to improve (but I definitely could).

👎 The scoring is complicated and I wouldn't want to handle it by myself.

👎 The emerging "ecosystem" at the end of the game is a bit ugly.

👎 There are not many ecosystemic relations between the different species.

8. Call to Adventure

Call to Adventure:

👍 I like randomly casting runes to get a result.

👍 Very low rules overhead.