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Zerbique KS backs Q1 2021

I have always been curious about what Athena and JW are backing, because it says a lot about their gaming profile and what they think of the games they summarize in their news posts, or comment on in the Table Presence section. Now that I'm part of the adventure, I felt it could be of interest to share my own Kickstarter backings, and I told myself some time ago I would do one of these per trimester. Hence, here we are. I also wanted to wait a bit so that it wouldn't feel like advertising ongoing campaigns.

1. Maeshowe: an Orkney Saga

Image source: BGG

This is the first game I backed this year. It's a simple card game that is bound to get played. It was reasonably priced, I liked the theme a lot, the designer is a nice member of the 1PG: that was an easy back, honestly. The campaign was good, with relevant stretch goals (and not fake!) that all got unlocked. This is KS as I like it: simple, small scale, in which you truly help to see a game getting published to a large enough audience.

2. Root: The Marauder expansion

Image source: BGG

No matter how vocal I may have been about it, I pledged for this one without a doubt. I just love this game too much (although I never played it solo). I only pledged for the new expansion, but went all-in in the pledge manager (to spread the cost over two months), adding the Clockwork 2.0 one as well.

3. Crimson Company: Wildwood Tales

Image source: BGG

Another expansion. I already own the base game, the first expansion, skipped on the second and the big box (I like this game because it's small). I was drawn to the artwork for this new expansion. It was also very cheap (as it should be, it's only a few cards). The game is fun multiplayer (at least I think? only played it once to be honest), but I haven't tried it solo yet.

Then there are the games I'm still hesitant about (in for $1/£1):

CHAINsomnia, which ends up being too costly for how much I want it once everything is factored in.

Take the Kingdom (out of support for the creator, but I am not really tempted by this one).

Tiny Epic Dungeons, that is decidedly expensive (I wanted to make it a bit more swallow-able by adding Dungeon Heroes in the pledge manager, but they both ship separately, which seems dumb giving the cost to ship a single parcel).

I also backed an expansion for a multiplayer game I own but have never tried yet (Vault Wars), and a RPGzine, Colostle (I can't really remember why, it just seemed nice I guess, and it was affordable).

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