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Yu Tube

A new video by Byron for your viewing pleasure this month. Here's what he wrote:

Legacy of Yu is a new solitaire-only game by Shem Phillips that has you building canals, recruiting workers, and improving your worksite before you are overwhelmed by barbarians or the flooding Yangtze River. It is a quick to play mash-up of tableau building, worker placement, and light deckbuilding. Join me for an introductory playthrough with some hard-won strategy tips from my full campaign thrown in.

It's a decent game, but I don't think it's going to have staying power in my personal collection. Despite the campaign structure every game really start to feel pretty same-y and once I got the hang of it the game didn't present much of a challenge.

Still, it's quick to get to the table, has easy to understand rules, and a pretty good design, so it will probably work for a lot of folks.

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