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Marvel United is live (X-Men join Marvel United)

Update: Marvel United: X-Men has launched on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 21 days. You may back the new expansion, or order it together with the previous Marvel United expansions and exclusives.

Our preview post below was published on April 10.


Marvel United: X-Men is an expansion to the 1-4 players cooperative adventure game Marvel United. It will launch on Kickstarter on April 14.

Image source: CMON website

In the Marvel United base game, you are taking control of a team of Marvel superheroes and trying to thwart the plans of the evil mastermind (three villains in the core box). In the solo mode you play with three heroes, combine their decks together and start with a hand of 5 cards. For each game session, you will place 3 mission cards on the villain board. Every time you complete a mission, you will unlock an event, either positive or negative. Location tiles are placed in a circle on the table, and each of them is seeded with civilians, thugs, and threat tokens.

The villain goes first: you draw a card from his deck, execute his movement on the location tiles and add thug tokens. Then, you draw a card for the heroes, and play a card from your hand. Your repeat this two more times (one for each hero). The actions you can do when you play a card are: Move, Attack, Rescue a civilian, or Spend your action tokens to perform their action. If a location tile has an end-of-turn effect, you resolve it. Whenever a hero takes damage, you have to discard one card from your hand. You win the game if the villain's health is reduced to zero, and lose if the villain completes his plot, or if the villain must play a card and his deck is empty, or if you run out of cards in the heroes' deck.

Image source: BGG

The X-Men expansion adds the option for a 5th player to play as the villain, as well as anti-hero characters who come with both a hero and a villain deck and can be used as either allies or enemies. The number of special ability cards for each hero is raised from three to four and some heroes will now start the game with their special cards in hand. Location tiles have received new effects too.

Most of the original expansions of Marvel United will be available as add-ons in this Kickstarter campaign. These are exclusive to Kickstarter and won't go to retail, with the exception of Enter the Spider-verse. The Marvel United core box will not be available, however, and backers should expect a price raise on most products.

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