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Wingspan Europe bound to fly out of the window

The presale for Wingspan European Expansion has started on the Stonemaier webshop. They expect to run out of supplies in a day. Retail release is on 22 November, so just in time for Sinterklaas. Or Christmas, dear international readers.

The Wingspan European Expansion brings 81 European bird cards, with new abilities. Some of these increase interaction with other players, which is a welcome addition if you don't play this game just solo. If you do play solo like us, there are also for example new end-of-round abilities. The Automa will get some new cards as well and the sheets on the included scorepad will have a solo side now.

Also in the box: an extra tray and extra tokens, new eggs (purple!), new bonus cards and goal tiles.

The European bird cards are shuffled in with the old deck, that now will be over 250 cards high. And more expansions are expected...

Wingspan Europe
Image source: Stonemaier webshop

Apart from the expansion itself, a new "swift start promo pack" is available with special bird cards and a walkthrough of the first few turns for new players. It is included in current printings, but was not in the first edition. There are also very cheap neoprene mats that are too small for the cards. The store page says "you can buy exactly as many as you need", which sounds like a no-brainer in this case.

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