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The Millennium War is live (Win the Millennium War)

Update: The Millennium War has launched on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 29 days. You may pledge for either the standees or the minis version of the game.

Our preview post below was published on June 27.


The Millennium War is a 1-4 players skirmish boss-battle game in which your heroes take part in an epic cosmic fight known as the Millennium War. It will launch on Kickstarter on June 29.

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In the co-op mode, you first pick four heroes (as in the competitive mode) and select a boss (there is only one in the core game, more if you get the expansions). There are two kinds of heroes, Elemental and Master. Elemental heroes can only use mana and weapons matching their element. Master heroes are wild and can use any mana and any weapon. Your team must include one Master hero and three Elemental heroes of different Elements. These four heroes are then split into two teams.

The game is played on a board populated with your heroes, the boss, and mythical beasts that you can hunt to upgrade your heroes. To win the game, you must defeat the boss by bringing their HP down to 0. You lose the game if the boss AI deck is exhausted, or if you lose all of your heroes. However, when you lose a hero, you may revive them with an “Ancient” token, of which you have three per hero team.

The game is played in rounds in which one team takes a turn, then the boss, then the other team, and then the boss again. On a boss turn, you simply flip an AI card from the dedicated deck and carry out its instructions. On your turn, you first draw 5 cards. Cards can show mana of one of the different elements, weapons (that can be tied to a specific element as well), and spells. Spells are passive abilities that get activated whenever you are attacked. You can then distribute these cards between your two heroes, giving them mana they will be able to use later on, allotting weapons to the weapon shop so they can purchase them later on, or spells on the limited spell slots.

Image source: BGG

Next, each hero may take a turn. A hero can first move (according to their movement stat) and/or use a skill by spending mana, as well as purchase weapons of their matching element and type (there are “physical” and “magical” heroes). Then they can attack an enemy (a beast or the boss) that is within their range. Combat is deterministic: you inflict as much damage as your combat value minus the defense stat of your opponent.

Final note: the rulebook has 64 pages, but most of it is dedicated to a detailed listing of all the spells, skills and weapons in the game, to the lore, and to an overview of the components, so the game can be categorized in the medium-light category.

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