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Which Side? is live

Which Side (are you on)? is a 1-4 player cooperative worker placement game in which workers in 1910 New York fight for better employment conditions and against capitalist oppression. It is live on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 24 days. You may pledge for a copy of the game with or without the Sabo Tabby miniature.

Image source: BGG

To win Which Side?, you have to take control of the means of production. On each round, you first execute the employers' turn: you draw a card from their deck and resolve its negative effects (e.g. passing anti-workers legislation). To overcome these obstacles, you will have to spend money and organize strikes, agitation and sabotage.

Image source: BGG

You are playing as a family of workers or as a group of workers living together. The members of this group are the workers you will be sending out to perform actions. You will send them to various locations in New York either to work and bring money to pay for food, rent and the cost of the struggle, or to plan the strikes, agitation and sabotages.

The more agitation you cause, the more worker-friendly the locations become. However, you will also have to draw misfortune cards and incident cards which are meant to make the workers' life miserable and possibly get them sick, injured or arrested. If you don't manage to complete 6 objectives before the employers take full control, or you cannot cover your living costs, you lose.

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