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When the Boss is Away: August KS Grumpy

Athena: JW, I'm getting ready to go on vacation but... there's a couple of Kickstarters I want to follow... and I won't have good internet connection!

JW: So, what do you want me to do? Text you they suck? Hey, wait a minute! I don't remember giving you permission to go on vacation. Who is going to write our KS news?

Athena: I will write them now and put them in the site freezer. You will defrost them before they launch and serve.

JW: Hm. So which Kickstarters were you talking about?

Athena: Massive Darkness 2 and Uprising: Curse of the Last Emperor.

JW: MD2 is CMON. Why do you want it?

Athena: I want to see the asymmetric gameplay. Not that they will show any gameplay videos. And the minis don't look as impressive as their usual fare. And the cartoony artwork isn't exactly my style. And they put the campaign mode in the expansion box so that you have to buy it too.

JW: But you still want to check it out?

Athena: Oh sure. It's CMON, man.

JW: What else is launching this month?

Image source: BGG

Athena: Dr. Finn is launching a quadruple campaign: Mining Colony, Biblios roll 'n' write, Nanga Parbat, and The Butterfly Garden (the last 2 non-solo). Mining Colony is a tile laying game.

JW: I got my eyes set on another tile layer: Glen More II: Highland Games.

Athena: Oh, do the Scottish lay tiles as part of their festivities?

JW: No, I suppose it's tile tossing. Finally Carcassonne: The Catapult will get some competion.

Athena: Deck of Wonders. Don't you have that one already? How is it?

JW: Yes, I bought a prototype last year, in support of the Hong Kong protests. It's in black and white, thankfully. The final artwork has turned out greener than Friday, I don't know if I can stomach it. But ehm, I haven't played it yet.

Athena: Ah, a new Leader is coming out too. Zero Leader, the opposite of Corsair Leader.

JW: Well, I'm still waiting on three DVG campaigns to deliver. They launch one every other month. And even though I'd have fun going kamikaze, I'll wait for Sopwith Camel Leader. Anything else?

Athena: There is Nova Lux. It's a euro game where you try to let an alien race survive the end of the universe.

JW: So ehm, not kill them? That's a bit of a wasted opportunity, isn't it?

Athena: Then we have an expansion to Endangered with new threatened animals to save. Jaguars, Polar bears, Sea turtles, Elephants...

JW: What? What's all this saving nonsense? Is there nothing to just kill this month?

Athena: And the one I already mentioned, Uprising. It's a 4X cooperative game. Very colourful but has too many pieces. Looks fiddly.

JW: I may back this just because it has standees. Thumbs up for dark fantasy as well. And it's 4X so finally some killing! Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate, exterminate.

Athena: Okay, I got to start packing. Make sure you play Deck of Wonders and Rurik: Dawn of Kiev so you can decide if you back when they launch. Rurik is getting an expansion. It's been sitting unplayed on your shelf for a year now? Get to it.

JW: Yes boss.

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