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High Frontier 4 All is live (What do rocket science and Shirley Bassey have in common?)

Update: After a short delay, High Frontier 4 All is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 20 days. Unless you go for the upgrade pack, you may choose to back the core edition with the Politics module, add extra modules, or go all-in on the Complete Space Explorer level. The game also comes in Portuguese and French.

Image source: BGG

Our preview post below was published on October 19.


Where do I begin?

To tell the story of how great a game can be

The game of space that is older than the sea

The simple truth about how playing it will be

Where do I start?

This is the intro to the Read Me First manual for High Frontier 4 All, the fourth iteration of Phil Eklund's High Frontier, co-designed with Jon Manker, Dom Rougier, and Justin Grey.

High Frontier is famous for being the most difficult board game to learn. Eklund is a rocket scientist, and even though players are not required to be employees at NASA, it takes more than having watched Star Wars to understand and play the game. In fact, this is about developing space technology in order to build factories on other planets of the solar system, and colonize them.

The new edition offers re-worked rules, presumably made more accessible. Besides the core game, there are extra modules you can add according to the pledge tier of your preference. Owners of the third edition of High Frontier can purchase an upgrade pack. The game can be played competitively, solo or as the fourth part of a campaign, if you have already played the Bios series. Please don't ask me how the solo mode works, unfortunately my brain is only good for retaining the songs of Shirley Bassey.

You may check the Kickstarter preview until the launch on October 24.

Image source: BGG

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