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Welcoming you to Loners Lounge

After some consideration, JW and I decided to create a separate area in our website where members can interact with each other and post pictures, comments, links etc.

This was triggered by our need to share mostly news snippets that are not ripe enough to justify full news articles but are worth chatting about. Like JW posting about an upcoming KS by Chip Theory Games as soon as he heard: it will have mechs and it's launching this fall. He just had to tell someone!

Sometimes we are too tired to write a Table Presence post, or we keep playing games we have already written about. A quick 'Now Playing' post with a picture and a couple of lines allows us to share our gaming joys and frustrations in an easier way. And if we spend money on something new, you'll be the first to know.

We hope you will feel comfortable enough to join us in Loners Lounge. We have fat pillows, refreshing drinks and delicious snacks. Please bring your board games, your stories and your pictures, and keep us company.

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