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Website goofs (and a couple of lazy links)

Two weeks ago we failed to include a soloable game in our Kickstarter news. There was no information on how the solo mode works, and almost no information on how it works in general. This is a common occurrence, of course. Some publishers diligently release material to the public before their games launch, and others choose not to. Usually, I try to make do with what information is out there, and just add that the solo play will be revealed in due time. I didn't do it in this case. I had almost nothing to write, and even suspected that this was another case of 'tacked on' solo.

When a reader noticed the omission, I said I would keep it in mind and post when the solo was announced. Then I forgot. The reader happened to be a backer, and by ignoring a game he was excited about, I pretty much crapped on his enthusiasm. I sincerely apologize, and hope he forgives us. Will mistakes like this happen again? Most likely, yes.

Even though we try to make the site look 'professional', or at least decent, both JW and me are obviously amateurs. We invest a lot of time in it on a daily basis: a couple of paragraphs for each game doesn't seem like too much, but I can assure you it is time consuming. Searching the net, looking for rulebooks, trying to rephrase rules and press releases to avoid copy-pasting, finding a good picture, all this requires time. As we make zero profit from it, our reward comes in views. And we cherish them even more than dollar bills (I may be lying).

To make a long story short, this website is still indie, with all the good and the bad associated with independence. We feel free to voice our opinions, even when they offend. We make mistakes, we are too casual, too grumpy, too smartass, too sloppy. I was even too lazy to search for interesting articles this week save for a couple of videos...

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