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We are the Champions, Marvel Champions

When playing Marvel Champions, I can't help humming to the songs in my head. Not necessarily songs about Marvel comics characters, like Magneto and Titanium Man, Ghost Rider, or Ego. Just some natural associations. For example, I know Iron Man isn't about Iron Man. But it's a bit hard to prevent the song from popping up.

It's time to open my mouth and let out the sound. From the obvious to the obscure, here's my living card game singalong.


So. Like I said. Iron Man.


I think the comics and the headbanging are loved by the same audience. Or, yes, that both the cards and the tracks are from my collection may have to do something with it as well.


Ah. AC/DC. Brings me back to when I was young. Good old provincial fun. Who else would focus on Wanda's wonderful big round spells.


I made a whole soundtrack in my head for the game. But when I put the actual tracks in a list this week, I realized I only needed one song. I can play it once if I lose a session, and if it looks like I'm working towards a win, it can go on repeat.


That would get a bit boring though. And I'd miss out on so many other good ones.


Here we have Holland's best band, with their worst video. You can't have it all, I guess.


Save us from the ball and chain...

Save us from the ball and chain, oh, yeah The diggers and the towering cranes

Motorways and office blocks They're standing on the spot where stood a home They're crushing all the memories of people


Okay. By now we've definitely lost the superhero theme. But, fun songs.

Spiderman was squintin' at the sand and the sky

Spiderwoman in the front seat, screamin' "Go, go, go"

He's ridin' the accelerator down to the floor with his fuzzy little toe

Little dune buggy in the sand


Thor (the deck, I have no opinion on the God) is a pain in the ass. But even then, an accompanying song can brighten your day.


The OST:

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