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Watch your Back: Week September 10 to 16

Hello, dear readers. Long time no post from me, I know. A change in my job has left me with almost no spare time at all. Still, I'll try to at least show up for our weekly news rendez-vous. So, let's see what next week holds.


Flock Together is a 1-5 player cooperative game in which you play as chickens defending their territory from various predators.

Gameplay is asymmetric, and both chickens and enemies level up over the course of the game. In each round, you select two out of eight available actions to perform. You can, for example, attack, forage for food, or produce eggs to revive other players. It is launching on Kickstarter on September 12.

Image source: BGG

Personal opinion: I like the co-op nature and leveling up, but not sure about the Everdellian aesthetics. I think I would prefer it less cutesy but I'm tempted to back.


Moving on to farm produce with Fromage: a 1-4 player worker placement game in which you are a cheese manufacturer competing with rivals for the most prestige.

The game comes with a lazy Susan board that you rotate every round. You will be selecting cheese types to make, and placing the cheese and a worker on the piece of the main board that you have in front of you. Cheese needs time to mature, so you will be able to pick up the worker after the necessary time has passed. In the solo mode, you are playing against the Corporation AI. It is launching on Kickstarter on September 12.

Image source: BGG

Personal opinion: I like the theme of this one, even though I used to hate smelly cheeses as a child. I'm not sure if it's enjoyable solo. Like a cheese platter, it seems more fun to share with other people.


On the same day, September 12, on Gamefound, we will see the launch of three expansions for Hoplomachus: Victorum and Hoplomachus: Remastered. One expansion is for Victorum, the other is for Remastered, and the third one is for both. The campaign is also for the reprint of both base games.


And, as far as expansions go, Mythic Mischief - a 1-4 player competitive game about students in an enchanted library - is getting one too, on September 12, on Kickstarter.

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