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Watch your Back: Week March 5 to 11

March is flowing smoothly with a batch of four games scheduled for next week. Let's take a look.


Ynaros Fallin' is a 1-4 player area control game in which shamans battle it out for supremacy.

In each round, you play cards from your hand to either place followers on the board or fight your opponent. Followers and shamans can conquer magic lands that give them various bonuses. During a fight, crystals can be spent to roll custom dice and cause damage or heal. In the solo mode, you are playing against a shaman AI. It is launching on Kickstarter on March 7.

Image source: BGG

Personal opinion: This is clearly a dueling game, I'm not sure it is well-suited for solo.


Moving on to From the Moon: a 1-4 player worker placement game in which corporations launch missions from the moon to help humankind survive in other planets.

Each player will be constructing buildings and using technology on the moon base in order to mine the ground for minerals. Astronauts can be upgraded and placed inside rovers that will be sent out to gather resources. In the solo mode, an artificial opponent will be blocking spaces and you will have to fulfill a given a set of objectives. It is launching on Kickstarter on March 7.

Image source: BGG

Personal opinion: It looks like a good euro design.


On the same day (March 7 on Gamefound) we have Tiny Ninjas: Tournament. This is a 1-4 player set of three dexterity games that can be played inside the game box.

In Arrow, you shoot little plastic arrows with your finger trying to hit the designated targets. In Bola, you flick plastic rings trying to land them on the targets. In Orb, you flick marbles trying to land them inside the targeted spaces. The points from each game are tallied up in the end, and the player with the highest score wins.

Image source: Tiny Ninjas Facebook

Personal opinion: It seems to be BYOS for solo, and not very fun to play by yourself.


And lastly, we have the Disparation expansion for the 1-5 player cooperative card game Sentinels of the Multiverse: Definitive Edition. The expansion adds new heroes, villains and environments, and it will launch on Backerkit on March 7.

Image source: BGG

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