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Unveiling our newest feature

JW and I (and most likely Zerbique too) are relatively introverted. Reluctant to expose ourselves to the camera, too shy to make videos, and unwilling to go through the hassle of filming games-related content. Thankfully, not everyone is like us. Byron, an American member of the solo gaming community, approached us and offered to share his playthrough videos on our website. We didn't have to think twice. As you will see, his filming style is great: crystal clear explanation of the gaming session, the lens placed in the right spot for us to see what he's doing, and a warm, friendly, yet professional voice to guide us through the motions. The game he decided to start with is Veilwraith. You can watch the whole playlist of the Vignettes here. Byron, welcome to the ST team!

Hi everyone, my name is Byron Wild. I'm a massage therapist, dad, and an avid solo board gamer. I recently discovered that I enjoy filming myself play games while talking to myself in a clear and explanatory fashion. Thus playthrough videos are born.

I plan to focus exclusively on solo games and stick primarily to playthroughs, leaving reviews, top lists, and crowdfunding previews to others. I'd love to hear your comments, questions, requests, and suggestions for how the videos could be better so feel free to leave comments below.

Thanks! Byron

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