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Venice is live (Under the bridge)

Update: Venice is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 25 days. You have the option of getting the company's previous game, Ragusa, as well. In solo mode you play against the 'nefarious Doge' (a deck of 27 cards).

Image source: BGG

Our preview post below was published on November 17.


Dávid -Mr. solo mode- Turczi is the co-designer of the upcoming pick-up-and-deliver game, Venice. It is planned to launch on Kickstarter on November 20.

Venice is a 1-5 player game in which the goal is to gather the most victory points by becoming the most successful merchant. Delivery of goods (cloth, silver, and ceramics) will be done by gondola. Each player has a team of assistants who they will send to sail along the canals, and stop at various buildings on the way to collect commodities. If another player's assistant is already there, he will be kicked out by the newcomer. Bridges can be built, assistants can be upgraded, and influence cards acquired. When you pass under the bridge of another player, you gain 'intrigue'. You have to keep your intrigue under control, however, because if it gets too high, it may deprive you of victory in the end, even if you have gathered the most points.

The solo mode is yet to be revealed, so keep an eye out for it when the campaign goes live if you are interested.

Image source: Braincrack Games Facebook page

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